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Getting the right diagnosis is key

To reduce morbidity, to limit recurrences and /or complications and to receive the best treatment option.

Visit your doctor promptly if you suspect to get a cystitis. The ACSS questionnaire can help you in finding out if you have it.

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Use the Acute Cystitis Symptom Score questionnaire to:

  • Facilitate self diagnosis differentiating from other conditions, assess the severity and monitor treatment efficacy to report to your doctor

Who is more at risk of recurrences?

Women who:

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  • Are sexually active
  • Have had infections caused by gram negative pathogens
  • Are postmenopausal
  • Are constipated
  • Have had previous treatment for ABU

To predict your recurrence risk , ask your doctor to use the LUTIRE nomogram that will help you and your doctor to chose the best preventative approach

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest threats to health

Antimicrobial resistance

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  • It can lead to increased mortality & more severe infections with potentially longer hospital stays
  • Treatable infections today may become untreatable tomorrow
  • Antimicrobials disrupt the natural microbiota, affecting its ability to protect against colonisation from uropathogens

Antibiotic prophylaxis studies are generally old and efficacy results might be outdated due to increasing rates of resistance, as well as unlisted side effects due to their broader, prolonged or chronic use, including collateral damages RECAP

What complications of UTI should I look out for?

Among other complications pay close attention to the impact on your quality of life:

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  • Although uncomplicated cystitis in women is considered to be a relatively benign and self-limiting condition, it can have a substantial negative effect on you.
  • Any illness, even if short-lived and not life threatening, can have an important impact on your daily activities, social functioning and wellbeing.
  • The sudden, unforeseeable, and distressing nature of painful UTI episodes often cause you anxiety. The resulting social handicap can lead to clinical symptoms of depression.
  • Acute cystitis, as well as failure of the treatment, and adverse effects of antibiotics can reduce your quality of life.

As recurrent cystitis seem to be independently associated with a negative impact on quality of life or poor subjective wellbeing, more focus is needed on prevention , diagnosis and treatment of UTIs. Discuss this with your doctor.


RECAP = Where a claim is followed by the RECAP, this means that this claim is endorsed by the RECAP board of experts.

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The RECAP board is a panel of international experts in urological infections. The opinions presented within this educational material are those of the RECAP board and not those of OM Pharma. Members of the RECAP board include: Jose Tiran Saucedo (Mexico), Yvette León (Mexico), Gernot Bonkat (Switzerland), Kurt G. Naber (Germany), Florian ME. Wagenlehner (Germany), J C. Nickel (Canada), Flavia Rossi (Brazil), Enrique Ubertazzi (Argentina), Agnaldo L. da Silva Filho (Brazil), Tamara S. Perepanova (Russia), Jose Antonio Ortega Martell (Mexico) & Seung-Ju Lee (Korea), Bela Köves (Hungary) & Tommaso Cai (Italy).

Patient version : MED-HQ-UV-2100071 / HCP version : MED-HQ-UV-2100070
Date of preparation: December 2021