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postmenopausal woman urinary tract infection patient story

Anushka (74)* – Menopausal women are at higher risk

  • No improvement despite topical oestrogen, which was stopped after 6 months
  • Initiated on a 7-day course of antibiotics after another acute infection and a 3-month course of immunotherapy with bacterial lysates
  • Currently asymptomatic and has only experienced 3 cases of recurrent cystitis in the last 4 years whilst receiving a preventative treatment, and no need for further antibiotics
woman depression diabetes urinary tract infection patient story

Sylvia (45)* – Recurrent Cystitis has a strong impact on mental well-being

  • One episode of cystitis every 2 months resulted in chronic depression
  • Antidepressant has been started due to low quality of life & complaints of feeling tired & frustrated
  • Following 3-month prophylactic treatment with non-antimicrobial measures, Sylvia had a 9-month window free of recurrent cystitis
  • Quality of life has consequently improved
premenopausal woman urinary tract infection patient story

Zoe (28)* – Young and otherwise healthy women can face several recurrences per year

  • Diagnosed with recurrent cystitis (6 episodes per year), secondary to multidrug-resistant Klebsiella species
  • Treated with antibiotic for 7 days for the acute infection and initiated on non antimicrobial prevention
  • One year later, the patient was asymptomatic
neurogenic bladder old woman urinary tract infection patient story

Edith (86)* – Patients with neurogenic bladder are more prone to cystitis

  • History of recurrent cystitis and sacral plexus damage
  • Treated with daily antibiotic for 5 years to avoid severe pyelonephritis
  • Treatment was changed to a 3-month cycle of non-antimicrobial preventative treatment every year
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis was switched to a symptom related rescue treatment

If you recognize yourself in one of these patients please consult your doctor and discuss your burden and the need for prevention

*Those are real clinical cases. Pictures are not from the real patients. In those cases, doctor decided to choose OM-89 as immunoactive prophylaxis.

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